I was born and raised in L.A., a certified original Valley Girl. I started making comedic narrative films in the 5th grade, and got good with editing software (iMovie at the time, until I was gifted Final Cut 7 at age 12).

I have always had a passion for visual storytelling - using video imagery to force an audience to share a character's experience. I believe the human condition is universal: regardless of circumstance, we all feel the same range of emotion and therefore are able to empathize with situations we ourselves have never been in. Part of the beauty of filmmaking is the ability to bring people together and recognize our similarities.

Whether I am working on a music video, promotional social media content, or a narrative picture, my goal is to showcase the feeling beneath the work - the aspect that anyone and everyone can relate to. As an actor, producer, editor, and content creator, I look for the story that needs to be told to let people know they are not alone in the human experience.

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